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100% Organic USA Sourced Kratom
Our Kratom is sourced from 100% Organic Farms. Our suppliers have access to the best regions, jungles, and plantations, and have exclusive village rights to certain land and jungles that no one else can pick from. With our product you’re guaranteed the finest available Kratom in the International market.。
Ultra Refined Powder
Our powder is ultra refined to have a flour like consistency. All the stem and veins are removed before the refining process to ensure the that Kratom you get is the most potent. If you’ve tried out product before, you’ll know that no one can beat both the potency of our Kratom and the flour like texture of our powders.
Strict Quality Control Standards
Our product is sampled and tested by ~30 different individuals, who measure for taste, consistency and potency. This strict commitment to quality ensures that the Kratom powder you receive will always be of the highest quality. We’re constantly evaluating new strains and vendors so we keep evolving and we can guarantee our clients get the best Kratom.

Currently only shipping orders within Vietnam, while we relocate our offices. International Shipments are disabled until the end of 2019. Dismiss