When you’re new to Kratom, you should start slow. Begin with 1-2g and wait 30 minutes before adding more. Each strain has different effects, so take care to start slow with each one until you know how you tolerate it.


2-3g: Light Dose (beginner)
4-6g: Average (A normal user’s dosage)
7-10g: Heavy (10g maximum recommended dose)
10g+: If you’re exceeding 10g per dose, you need to start cycling to reduce tolerance

Kratom Tolerance:

Much like coffee, your body builds a tolerance to Kratom, so be sure to cycle your Kratom use. Avoid taking it everyday, try to take at least 2 days off a week. An additional strategy is to cycle various strains. For example, switch between white’s, greens, and red’s each day, or each week. Many have found this to help with reducing tolerance build up, in addition to cycling. If you find your typical dosage is no longer effective, it’s better to cycle off more to lower tolerance, than to continually increase the dosage.

The Sweet Spot:

Due to the variety of metabolisms and strains of Kratom, it’s up to the individual to find their optimal dosage.  You’ll need to experiment with various strains, and different dosages, and account for food in your stomach as well.  Generally it’s advised to slowly taper up until you find the desired affect you’re looking for.  Counter-intuitively, increased dosage dose not correlate with increased effect.  Once you hit a certain threshold “The Kratom Ceiling”, you won’t gain any more effect and will simply be adding to your tolerance. So find your ‘sweet spot’ and then make sure you cycle enough to maintain that dosage’s effectiveness.


The onset of Kratom is 20-40 minutes typically. The duration typically last between 3-6 hours. Taking Kratom on a full stomach both extend the onset and duration.

*Taking Kratom on a a full stomach will slow absorption and typically reduce stomach irritability.
*The plastic white spoon provided with your order is approximately 1 gram.


Wanting to know about which strains are effective for maximizing specific effects? (Anxiolytic, Analgesic, Euphoria, Energy, etc…) Have a quick look at our Kratom strain guide so you can decide which strain is best for your needs.

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